Art Sale at our Show room in King's Road, Chelsea, London

We will sell our artists' works online as well as at our show room in
King's road, Chelsea in May and December (Christmas).  

      Our next Art Sale 
  is for Christmas Gifts  

                  in Chelsea 11th - 17th December, 2017.     ​           

Paintings, Paper cut, Photography, Sculpture etc. by contemporary artists from Japan, UK etc.  

Welcome to our showroom in King's Road in Chelsea

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We will advertise our art sale to wealthy residents in Chelsea and Kensington area with flyers.

We will also produce online
gallery where we show all exhibits for sale. This site will be open from 25 November to
30 December and can be sold
on line as well.

Click here to see all art works 
that you can buy at ouir
showroom and online

This button become active from 28 Dec.

Our showroom in King's road and Map in Chelsea area