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       Freequent Asked Questions

What is the service, Who is the organizer, Who is the artists and Who is the clients ? 

  • EWAL Art sales & Rental Services (EWASR) is organized by EWAL=East West Art Link UK (EWACC-Art Ltd) and the company has been supporting artists in Japan, UK and all over the world since established in 1996.
  • Artists = our Premimum artist members and selected EWAL artist members for security reasons as well as we would like to keep the quality of works high. 
  • Our clients are mainly corporate comapnies, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, clinics, Interior fitting out companies etc.  who require arts for their places. Our main clients are based in Tokyo and London as we have offices and able to provide them with our personal efficient services physically.  We are also planning to expand our services to other large cities in other countries.


Can all members (Premium and EWAL Artist members) register and sell works at the site?

  • Premium members can register any works for the service because we know the quality of their works but we need to check the works of EWAL Artist members before include the main list to show to our clients.

I used to be a finalists of EWAAC and can I renew or apply for Premium membership now ?

  • Under the new regulation of our membership, if the finalists of EWAAC did not apply or renew the Premium membership they will lose the eligibility of apply for Premium membership. However, for the special launch of the 'EWAL Art Sales and Rental Services' we will allow first 20 finalists to apply or renew their Premium membership. Because EU's new Data base protection regulation we cannot keep all personal information so this will be the last opportunity to join our artists' elite group and sell works through our new service.

How can I apply or renew my membership?

  • Click the link below and fill in the form to submit and pay the fee by Paypal or bank transfer.

What sort of works can I register for the new site and sell or rent ?

  • To produce the work for the competition or exhibition and to sell works to corporate companies will be difference so you should seklect or produce new works for their need. For example what sort of painting will be suitable for the company's waiting room or company director's room or for restaurants ..... then the new inspiration for those should come up.  We need unlimited number of works in each category so we are sure that you can sell or rent your works sooner or later.
M.ship Application Form
  • For the reception (company and for any).
  • For the waiting room (company or for any).
  • For the meeting / conference room.
  • For the CEO / director's room (painting / ornaments etc.)
  • For the private hospital / clinics. 
  • ​For the restaurants / coffee shops.
  • For the hotel rooms (prints will be suitable)
  • For Interior designers / fitting out companies.
  • For the gardens (sculpture for outside / inside)​​

What are ID numbers for artists and works ?

  • We will put artist + work ID number for all works.  Each artist will have 7 digit ID number e.g. 10001, 10002, ...10011.....This is  like passport number.
  • Then each work will be named as 10001-001, then 10001-002 ...10001-100 ..... unlimited work number can be added but still we can identify the artist from top 7 digit number easily.
  • When the clients wish to buy or rent the work they will press 'Add to Cart' button which will open the form to fill in the artist name, work ID number and sub-ID etc. so we can identify the work and artist instantly​. 

  • Work sub ID numbers

  • Each work ID number will have sub IDs such as  OR, PF, PA, RE or CM. 
  • These mean: OR = Original work, PF= Print with frame and fixed price,
      PA= Print with any size upon request, RE=Rental and CM=Commission.
      When the client fill in the form, they will write the exact same ID and
      sub ID number so we can see what the client want straight away.
How to ship and deliver the works ?

  • For original work (2D, 3D) and prints with original frame .....the artist must ship to our UK or Tokyo office in order for us to check any damage or tax to be applied at cusomes.  If the artist send the work directly to the client we cannot see when the damage was done and also we do not want our clients to worry such as any damage or tax problem.  We would also like to hand the work directly to the client and help installation of the work to the place.  We will start to deal with our corporate clients in Tokyo and London where we can deliver directly so we can provide them with our good personal services which is important to buid up our good long relationship. The shipping costs will be shared by the artist and the buyer.

  • For any print, photography and digital work with our frame with fixed price ....the artists must send high quality image (300 dpi Jpeg) to us as we can print and put frame in London or in Tokyo. We will send a pack of frames to Tokyo from time to time as the frames in Tokyo is very expensive. 

  • For large print ( any size) with no frame ....the artists must print by themselves on any size and sign and state edition number and send to our office in Lodon or Tokyo with a tube and our staff will deliver to the client directly. The shipping costs must be paid by the artist.

How the payment will be made to the artist ?

  • All sold works... We will transfer the money after deduct 20% for our handling charge within one wek after we receive the final agreed amount of the money from the client.  However, if the Price is more than £1000 we may ask the client to pay 50% to us and 50% to the artists to resove VAT issue. We will discuss this matter when the client applied for buying the work as each case will be difference.​

  • For art rental ... we will send you detaled plan as soon as the client wish to rent your work. The artist can decide if the work can be rented or not even the price is more than £800.  If agreed to rent then we will calculate the monthly payment etc. and let both party know all details and T & C before the artist ship the work and if not agreed by either party we need to negotiate further.  Payment for the agreed monthly payment will be transferred to the artist. We will discuss this matter when the client applied for renting the work as each case will be difference.

​Many more questions and answers to continue ...