Art Sale at our Show room in King's Road, Chelsea, London

We will sell our artists' works online as well as at our show room in
                   King's road, Chelsea in December (Christmas).  

We will distribute 5000 flyers in rich residents area in Chelsea, Knightsbridge

             Join Art Sale for 
       Christmas in 2019. 

2nd (Mon) - 8th (Sun) December 2019 

Paintings, Prints, Photography, Sculpture etc. by contemporary artists from Japan, UK etc.  

Welcome to our showroom in King's Road in Chelsea

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We will advertise our art sale to wealthy residents in Chelsea and Kensington area  by door to door
flyer delivery service.

We will also produce online
gallery where we show all exhibits for sale. 

Click here to download
Application Form

All enquiry to: [email protected]