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Thank you for your interest in
EWAAC London 2017

Special Offer
Our experienced staff likes your artworks after having searched from thousands artists in the world. We are pleased to invite you to enter our EWAAC 2017.

EWAAC (East-West Art Award Competition) was launched in 2010 in London and since then it has kept to wider areas of the world. You can see details of the competition here:


To encourage you to participate, we would like to give a special discount voucher. Details can be found below.

  • We will give a discount voucher (£5 or £8) depending on how many works you wish to enter ( see the voucher with your code below).
  • If you enter two works, we will give a £5 discount voucher.
  • If you enter three or more works, we will give a £8 discont voucher.
  • You can use this voucher on either one or both of the competitions coming up. (EWAAC London 2017 and APDA Kyoto Award 2018) before the date shown.
  • If you enter more than three works you will also receive a Profile Page which allows you to create an online portfolio by yourself.  (see samples).
  • To quaify for the discount you must write the name of our staff who contacted you. If there is no name, you will not receive a discount on entry fees.
  • ​For details on how to receive the discount, please see below. 

How to use the discount vouchers

  • You can use these discount vouchers only if you have received invitation to participate from our staff.
  • You can use the vouchers for APDA Kyoto Award 2018 but only if you use the voucher for EWAAC London 2017. You cannot use it only for APDA.
  • You can use £5 if you enter two works and £8 if you enter three or more works to EWAAC 2017 and APDA 2018
  • You must write the name of our staff who invited you in the form like below to get discount. Without a name. there will be no discount.
  • You must use these vouchers within ten days after you received an invitation from our staff for EWAAC London 2017 and by 30 September 2017 for APDA Kyoto Award 2018, because we will be busy receiving many entries in the last 30 days before the deadline.

1) Follow the 'Step by step entry guide' :    Click here

2) How to fill in the entry form if I got discount? :  See below.​​

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