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A Happy New Year 2017       

 from GEIKYO - Artbridge (EWAAC)

Call us as GEIKYO from 2017

What's GEIKYO ?

GEI means Arts
KYO means Bridge
GEIKYO means Artbridge

Geikyo - Artbridge is
Association of Artists and
Art Collectors in the world

Our new web-site is

This great shot was taken in Kyoto by Laurence ( last AIR resident in Kyoto)
Call for Artists !  *日本の方はEWAEE (交流展)に参加できます( 日本語版参照)

1) AIR (Artist in Residence) in Kyoto 2017

All Members can apply for Artist in Residence (AIR) in Kyoto 2017 except Japanese ( They can apply for AIR in UK in summer. instead).  Because we do not have much time for AIR in Kyoto 2017, there are following conditions to apply. Do not worry if you do not have time for this as you can apply for AIR in Kyoto 2018 too now ( see 3)

  • You must apply by 20th January 2017. then we will announce 3 residents for AIR on 25th January 2017.  
  • The selected 3 residents must prepare in the next two months and buy return air ticket by themselves.
  • 3 selected residents can stay at comfortable house in Kyoto to share ( see photos). There are 2 x single room on ground floor and 1 x double Futon room on 1st floor.  So if you wish to take your partner to Japan you can stay at the double Futon room.  We will pay the rent for the house for 3 residents ( except for the partner for the double Futon room if you wish to stay with your partner together). You must also pay for the fixed small utility bill (electricity, cleaning etc) for 5000JPY (about 38GBP). 
  • Normally, the residency is for two weeks but unfortunately we can only give ten days for 2017 but you can go to Tokyo and stay for 5 dsys there. You can stay at our house in Tokyo at very cheap rate but if you wish to go back to your country after ten days or keep stay in Kyoto at your cost would be OK.
  • The selected 3 residents must bring works (2-3 depend on size)  to Kyoto to exhibit at EWAEE(East-West Artists Exchange Exhibition). 
  • Free to apply but only our members are eligible to apply for this AIR in Kyoto.

  • Timetabe for AIR in Kyoto 2017 is 

  • March 25 (Sat)... Arrive in Kyoto and check in.
    March 26 (Sun)... Welcome party (4-6pm)
    March 26-31 ....Visit around Kyoto, Nara
    April 1 (Sat) ... Bring works to the gallery. Our staff will prepare for the exhibition.
    April 2 (Sun) ...EWAEE  open.  Artists exchange party (4-6 pm)
    April 4 (Tue) ...Residents check out in Kyoto. Option to go home, stay in Kyoto or go to Tokyo.
    If go to Tokyo...Move to Tokyo on 4 April by Bullet train. Check in at  our house in Tokyo.
    April 6 (Thu) ...EWAEE in Kyoto close. Works of residents to be sent to airport in Tokyo.
    April 4 - 8 ...Visit around in Tokyo
    April 8 or 9 ...Collect your work at airport.
    April 9 (Sun) ...Leave Tokyo and go back to your country. ​

  • Application deadline  is 20 January 2017 but please apply for membership before if you are not any of our members..
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​Air in Kyoto

Accommodation for AIR in Kyoto 2017, 2018
(one house for only our 3 (or 4) residents to share)

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
  9. Managing Director
  10. Managing Director
  11. Managing Director
  12. Managing Director

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What is difference between

EWAEE = East-est Artists Exchnge Exhibition
Friendly exhibition and easy to be selected
as first come First served basis

EWAAC = East-Wst Art Award Competition
Proper competition and our judges will select finalists or exhibits from entry works.

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Membership Application
Call for Artists !

2) EWAEE in Kyoto 2017

Members and non-members (any nationality including Japanese) can apply for this friendly EWAEE (East-West Artists Exchange Exhibition) in Kyoto which will be held at beautiful Japanese style art gallery in Kyoto from  April 2 - 6th 2017 .  Because we do not have much time before the exhibition starts, there are following conditions to apply.

  • You must apply by 20 January 2017. then we will elect and announce around 25-30 exhibitors for EWAEE in Kyoto on 25th January.  However. the sooner you apply the better chance to be selected.
  • If you apply membership after January 1, 2017 you can get discount entry fee at 25%-50%. If you applied before or current premium members can enter free up to threeworks. 
  • EWAAC Kyoto 2017 is not a competition so only our available judges will select suitable exhibits in this occasion. So the early registered your works the better chance to be selected.
  • Entry is very easy and just send images and details of your works with application form by email. and if you are selected then you must send or deliver the work to specified address in Japan. 
  • There is a size limitation for foreign artists to send. Maximum size of a box (width + height + depth = within 160 cm for 2D, photos and 90 cm for 3D works.  You can apply old works if not won any prize.
  • This is a friendly artists exchange exhibition so no prizes (2018 is proper competition with prizes) but exhibitors including 3-4 residents from abroad) can meet each other and widen contacts.  Even you are not selected, you are of course welcomed to come to Kyoto to attend the artists exchange party (Geikyo meeting ) which will be held on 2nd April.
  • If you are not selected for Kyoto 2017, you will have another chance for EWAAC Kyoto 2018 so please apply both now. 
  • Timetable for the EWAEE in Kyoto is ...

  • January 20 .... Entry close and start selection.
    January 25 ...  Announcement of 25 - 30 exhibitors for EWAEE in Kyoto 2017.
    April 1 (Sat)...  Bring or deliver your selected works to the gallery in Kyoto and our staff prepare.
                             Artists in Japan can deliver works to the gallery by Yamato's 'Takyubin'.
    April 2 (Sun) ...EWAEE  open.  Artists exchange party (4-6 pm)
    April 6 (Thu) ...EWAEE in Kyoto close at 3:00 pm and then clear all exhibits.

The gallery for EWAEE in Kyoto 2017  and 2018

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
Japanese style beautiful gallery in Kyoto
Friendly staff of the gallery
We use Ground and 1st floor.
Ground foor exhibition space
1st floor exhibition space
Japanese room for small exhibits

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Call for Artists !

​3) AIR in Kyoto 2018 and EWAAC in Kyoto 2018 

Because foreign artists who will be selected for AIR in Kyoto or exhibitor for EWAEE in Kyoto, they need time to prepare such as get permission for long holiday from their employers or purchase discount return air ticket in off peak season or avoid to make any commitment in this periods etc so we will call and select artists early which will enable them to make their plan in advance. So if you take membership now you can apply for four events in Kyoto ( Air 2017 / 2018 and EWAEE 2017 / 2018 ) which will enable you to have better opportunity to be selected. All members can enter up to three works free and only if you are selected then you can pay for the discounted exhibition fee for 1 slot.  However, if you are not selected you do not have to pay any for exhibition fee and for EWAAC London, all finalists will not need to pay any exhibition fees.

Important : from 2018, AIR in Kyoto and EWAEE in Kyoto will be organized at the same time and all residents for AIR in Kyoto will be selected from entrants of EWAEE.

EWAAC in Kyoto 2018
(combined with selection 
of AIR in Kyoto 2018)

December 2016 - March 10, 2017...Call for entries for EWAAC 2018 Kyoto (inc. AIR in Kyoto ).
March 10 .. Entry closed
March 25 - April 25 ....Online selection by our judges
May 15, 2017... Announcement of selection results for AIR and EWAEE exhibitors in Kyoto 2018.

AIR 2018 Schedule

March 25(Sun), 2018 ... All residents will arrive in Kyoto
March 25 - April 7, 2018 ... Artist in Residence in Kyoto
March 31 - April 5, 2018...  EWAAC exhibitors in Kyoto 2018.

After two weeks in Kyoto stay the residents will have options to go to Tokyo.

*The dates and schedule may be changed a little as it is too early to confirm details for 2018.

If you have any questions please contact:  [email protected]

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