EWAL Artist in Residence in UK 2019

27 July (Sat) - 10 August (Sat) 2019

2 weeks accommodation + Exhibit your works in London

Final Call

Single comfortable studio = 590 GBP (from  650 GBP)

Large double bed studio for 2 =790 GBP (from 980 GBP)

EWAL (East West Art Link) will orgasize this popular Artist in Residence in UK programme in summer for artists in abroad. 
The programme offers inexpensive and comfortable accommodation to overseas artists for two weeks and while stay they are able to exhibit their favourite works at an International artist exchange exhibition which will be held in London at the same time. Nomally, artists will have no chance to exhibit works while visit London unless organize very expensive solo exhibition by themselves, therefore, our residents can see and feel reaction of visitors and critics directly for their works..

Another unique point of our programme is we incorporate free self-management system so there is no detailed timetable for daily action schedule except the date for participating in the artist exchange party which will be held as the special event of the exhibition. So, the residents can go anywhere or do anything while their stay. We will provide residents with a handy book which contains information on all galleries in London and UK with maps in order to support them to visit their favourite galleries to promote themselves while stay in UK.

If the artist wish to take a friend or spouse we will have large studios for two for small additional fee
( but not many will be available).

What is EWAL  Artist in Residence  in UK ?

We call artists for this popular programme about 1 year ahead as many arists requested as they need enough time to prepare and make a plan for two weeks off in summer.  So already many studuios have been booked except a few for 2019. So please book now if you are interested in partcipate in this ''once in your life time' opportunity''
in order to avoid disappointment. 

We normally have our residents from Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, USA etc so  

For 2019 programme, we already have bookings  by many Japanese and International artists artists so you can meet and live with them and exhibit together which will enabler you to lean many things from other resident artists and establish good friendships with them while stay.for two weeks. English summer is not so hot and comfortable so it's ideal for your summer holiday as well.

No itenerery was fixed and for self management programme so you can plan where to go and what to do by yourself in two weeks. You can visit many galleries, museums, exhibitions to see good arts which will inspire your future works or sketch, take photos in many beautiful places in UK or just visit Edinburagh, Lake district, Cotswald cottage or historical Stonehenge etc.... also, you can enjoy musical play or Royal ballet at Opera House in the evening. 

Were to stay ?

We have special arrangement with a university in Luton where has newly refurbished modern studios so all our residents can stay there for two weeks (period is flexible).  It will take only 22 minutes to go to London so its very nice location with lots of green and fresh air..

There are 5 studios in one flat and  each studio is independent and can lock for privacy. Each flat has own toilet, shower, large work desk and free wifi. Large kitchen in one flat has to be shared by 5 artists but it will be a good place to meet, communicate each other freely. We have some large studios for a couple or with a freind upon request.

There is a huge shopping mall in 5 minutes walk distance so no shortage to buy daily needs.

When to check in and check out?

In 2019, check in date is on 27 (Sat) July and check out date is in the morning of 11th August for 14 nights but depend on your flight and plan it will be flexible to check in earlier or extend to stay up to 7 days.

What is EWAEE and where is the gallery?

EWAEE (East West Artists Exchange Exhibition) will be held while residents stay in UK.  The gallery is sutuated in central London, Hammersmith and just 5 minutes walk from the nearest station..

All residents can exhibit 2-4 works and can sell if they wish. This exhibition will be exhibited by many other international artists together and invite press, critics, guests etc. so it will be very popular event.

How much will it cost?

Only 650 GBP including 14 nights stray at studio and exhibiting your works at International exhibityion in London for a week.
However, we will discount to 590 GBP for remaining studios.

This is the special discount package price to support artists.
The price includes 14 night stay at the comfortable studio and exhibition costs for EWAEE Internatiional exhibition in London for a week. Also includes carrying exhibits of residents from the university to the gallery, hang and display works at the gallery, organize EWAEE opening paty, serve wine, advertise the event, invite guests, press etc. However, the return air ticket and transportation is not included as each artist lives in diifferent countries.

The price will go up significantly in 2020 as 20% VAT will be applied.

How to apply ? 

We offer special discount for remaining flats and they will be gone soon so please book as soon as possible and pay full to secure your place (refundable if cancel by good reasons by end of 2018 (subject to condition).  Please download the application form on the left (blue colour) and fill out and send to :[email protected]


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Special Offer for remaining two studios 
          14 nights + exhibiting works in London

 650 GBP  --> 590 GBP

 Single studio: 

Large studio for two
        with own kitchen: 

 980 GBP  --> 790 GBP

Timetable of Artist in Residence in UK 2019

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