Message from Roger McNulty

Message from Yumi Nagano

Steel is strong, useful and ubiquitous.
As useful as the rare metals

I have used to represent some of the manufacturing processes.
Its fragility, is that while its manufacture creates work, the working communities move on within several generations depending on supplies of ore, coal, limestone and labour.

Plus, the process of its manufacture produces greenhouse gasses, so people benefit from

steel - but it costs the earth.
This is a warning from eggs (food)
One third of food is abandoned on Earth now
This amount means that 2 billion people 's food is thrown away
From the food to be discarded, carbon dioxide emissions are estimated to be 3.3 billion tons per year
Food discards emit huge amounts of greenhouse gases
Therefore, abnormal weather occurs
The frequency of occurrence is rising sharply
It is certain that humans have some impact on the global climate change and ecosystem
Is not it that they are destroying while saying that human beings are evolving?
Is human beings evolved more than anyone of the creatures that are really living in the Earth?

Arrogance...   Insolence...  Pride... Haughtiness...
Eaten and thrown away, but still the egg (food) is silent
A silent resistance from food may start

Now humans should reconsider their feet

No Shell Shock !

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