If you are selected finalist for FAPDA Kyoto 2019


Dear finalists,​​

Many congratulations for the selection of your work for 'London Kyoto FAPDA Award 2019'.

Because such an intense competition it was not easy for our judges to narrow down to a limited number of finalists and winners.
You can see the selection list again  here.

Now, please check all details of the exhibition and timetable and Terms & Conditions below and if you are happy with our selection please confirm and send your acceptance mail to us by 12th (Wed) December. We would also appreciate it if you would pay for  the small exhibition fee for 30 GBP ( Japanese will pay 38 GBP in order to support foreign artists) which will be used for one week gallery fee, staff's work for preparing / hanging works , organize artists exchange party, print flyers, distribute and promote the exhibitions etc. 

Key dates of FAPDA Kyoto 2019  

By 12th (wed) Dec 2018 .... please send the Selection Acceptance Form (below) to confirm your acceptance for our selection. You can withdraw but even so please reply by 14th as we can replace to the artist who has just missed to be selected. If you accept please transfer the acceptance /exhibition fee to secure your place. If you live in UK you can make bank transfer and pay just 28 GBP as we do not have to pay Paypal's fee. How to pay ==> Click here

By 31 March 2019.....Please order our Print + Frame service in Japan. in order our team in Japan to print your work and put frame in time and deliver to the gallery for you . Under our rule, you cannot ship original work to the gallery in Kyoto as it will surely be taxed by customs and the gallery cannot deal such issue and pay tax for each artist unless you can bring original work with you to the gallery. In this way you can save lots of money (return shipping costs + tax) and time and avoid damage during shipping.  Frame cost in Japan is very expensive and will go up from the New Year and also the value of UK's GBP has been decreasing caused by BREXIT  problem so that we must raise the fee of Print + Frame Service from the New Year so we recommend you to ask the service before the end of this year if possible.   All you have to do is to send us high quality image (300 dpi jpg) and select size of the frame and our team in Japan will do the rest for you. We suggest to select standard or large frame size as the gallery is not large. See details and how to order the service   here

May 1 (Wed), - July 26 (Fri) .... FAPDA online exhibition will be held.
May 15 (Wed), 16 (Thu) .... bring the work to the gallery or our staff in Kyoto deliver the works for artists who asked our Print + Frame Service.
May 18 (Sat) ... Our staff hang and display the works at the gallery. It is also possible for exhibitors to bring their work to the gallery at 11:00 am before our staff to start hanging and disolay the works.
May 19 (Sun) ... 12:00 noon ....Open the FAPDA Exhibition. . 3: 00 - 6: 00 pm ... International artist exchange party.
May 23 (Thur) ... 1: 00 pm, FAPDA Exhibition close and start packing.
Gallery normally open: 10 am - 6: 00 pm
May 15 -25, 2019 ....Artist-in-residence in Kyoto 

Terms and Conditions 

  • The work should be delivered to the gallery on 15th or 16th May 2019 by yourself or ask our Print + Frame service team in Japan who can deliver your framed print  work to the gallery. You can also deliver at 11:00 am on 19th but no later.
  • After close the exhibition your must collect the work from the gallery on 23 May after 1:00 pm or ask our staff to collect and keep at their storage. But you must decide whether 1) send back to your home at your cost  2) send back a print only with a tube  3) ask dispose the work so no need to pay any.
  • Our staff in Kyoto will deal with all works with the greatest care but does not take responsibility for any damage or loss so if you worry please insure your work for peace of mind. 
  • If the work is sold, you do not have to pay any commission to the gallery but pay to EWAL 20% of the selling price .only.
  • The selection acceptance form and exhibition fee (30 GBP) should be sent and transferred by 12 December by Paypal or  bank transfer (UK artists can make bank transfer 28 GBP only because no charge from Paypal).
  • How to transfer the fee by Paypal or bank please see:   http://www.ewaac.com/index_how-to-pay.html
  •  Please attend the International Artists Exchange Party held at 3:00 - 6:00 pm on May 19 (Sunday) if possible.
  • The name and address of the gallery is:  be Kyoto,  京都府京都市上京区新町通上立売上る安楽小路町429-1, Japan
  • A person in charge of the EWAL Japan branch and responsible for this project is .. Ms Yuki Nakahara  

London - Kyoto FAPDA Award 2019 --  Selection  Acceptance Form

Please copy this form and paste on your email and send to:  [email protected]  by 12 December.
Please delete unappropriate answer below.

I checked all the information and Terms & Conditions you provided for exhibiting at the London - Kyoto FAPDA Award 2019 and

A)  I hereby  accept your selection and i am happy to exhibit my work at the FAPDA 2019 exhibition in Kyoto.   I also transfer the exhibition fee as soon as I submit this selection acceptance form

B)  I decline your selection and withdraw from exhibiting my work at the FAPDA 2019 exhibition in Kyoto.

Name :

Date :

If you answered A) please continue to select or fill in information below

a) I will bring my work to the gallery by myself 

b) I will ask your Print + Frame package service who will deliver my work to the gallery.

Details of selected exhibited works

1) Exhibitor's name, address (including post code), mobile number.
2) Title of the work
3) Media, materials, methods, etc.
4) Size (with a frame)
5) Selling price
(including 20% of EWAL). If not for sale just write as N / A.


Please copy and paste above acceptance form and your exhibit details on to your email and fill in and return to:
[email protected]   by 12th December. Also please do not forget to transfer the exhibition fee. 

All the best
London- Kyoto FAPDA 2019

- - -

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