Hi How are you?   This is Ken.  

I have just noticed that you did not enter FAPDA Kyoto Award 2019 and did not apply or renew your membership by 10th October which means the Premium membership fee has risen from
£50 to £60 now.  Also, if you do not renew Premium membership for two consecutive years you will lose eligibolity to apply for Premium membership so that you have to get selected for the finalists for EWAAC London or FAPD Kyoto Award again.

If you are not interested in EWAAC, then no problem.  But we are the very unique organization that others cannot imitate.  we link Japan and UK / Europe with arts.  We have been promoting artists exchange between East and West.  So we invited many Japanese and EU / Asian artists to our AIR (Artist in Residence ) in UK in Summer every year and also we send many UK / European artists to AIR in Kyoto in Spring every year.