EWAAC London Finalists

Panal presentation for installation works

As we stated in our rule, apart from normal size of 2D work, photography, 3D work, we cannot provide installation artists with large space in the gallery to exhibit real size work which will be not fair to other finalists.

So we must ask you to present with a panel which you can put photographs, text, a small piece of materials etc to introduce your installation work. You are also allowed to show video with a tablet if it is securely fixed beside the panel.
For overseas artists only, we can provide them with Print  +  Frame package service here.  All you have to do is to select frame size from left and  then send high quality image of the whole (photo + text together) presentation to us.  In this way you can save shipping costs and can avoid risk of damage while shipping and also no need to worry about tax (VAT) which may be applied by Customs if you are unlucky.  

Frame size and + print package price  will be:
(For 103 x 39 cm frame, please check availability before order)
  • 103 x 39 cm .... 120 GBP 
  • 60 x 80 cm ....... 95 GBP
  • 50 x 70 cm ....... 85 GBP
  • 50 x 50 cm ....... 80 GBP
However, this print + frame package service is available only for overseas artists and UK artists can make any size of panel (but height + width = within 150cm) and bring it to the gallery on specified date and time.​​

You can show video with a tablet and  a small part of  materials​ if you wish.

How to order this service?

1) Select frame size and colour. 
(for 103 x 39 cm frame, please check availabllity at first)

2) Produce your presentation with photos and text within the frame size.

3) Take high quality image as Jpg (RGB 300 dpi resolution) which include white border to make exact frame size.

4) Pay the package fee via Paypal to [email protected]
How to pay by Paypal ==> Click here

5) Upload the high quality image to : www.wetransfer.com
and notify to: [email protected]​​

You can upload up to 2GB free.

6) We will do the rest for you.

*If you wish to ship the panel to our studio in UK please do not put glass and send it from post office via EMS before 1st October in case Customs stop and charge tax which will take time. They may charge tax if you declare the value of content for more than 30GBP (4200 JPY) so please do not declare more than that value.

If you use private shipping company such as DHL, UPS, FedEx etc, they will charge tax anyway and send invoice later.

High quality wooden
frame. Black and while
​colour will be available.