Misako Jin (Contemporary Japanese painter )

Born in Yokohama, Japan.

1989 Graduated from the Department of Japanese Painting Collage of Art and Design,
Musashino Art University,Tokyo
1996 Japanese Government Study Program for Artists
2006 Studied in France as an Overseas researcher through a government fellowship from Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Currently holding a part-time teaching role at Musashino Art University, Tokyo. 

Most notable achievements include; 
Solo exhibitions at The Sato Museum of Art, Tokyo (2004),
The Shibata Etsuko Gallery, Tokyo (2008),
Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Tokyo (2013),  
The artspace Kimura ASK?, Tokyo (2015),
Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo (2017).

She has won numerous prizes at art competitions.
She has also participated in the 10th Art Program Ome 2012, Ome Municipal Museum of Art (Tokyo), DOMANI :

The Art of Tomorrow” ,The National Art Center, Tokyo,
2014: 'The 6th Higashiyama Kaii commemoration - Nikkei Nihonga (Japanese
painting) Grand prize exhibition (Ueno-no-momi museum, Tokyo)
2016: 'Kyo no Doki :Rectangle-Possibility of Nihonga that is found there' Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

The materials she uses include Japanese paper, animal glue, ink, mineral pigments, and metal foils. While her techniques are in the traditional Japanese style, her expression is contemporary.

She is inspired by the chaotic world where beauty and terror complement each other. She navigates this world guided by colours. In addition to two-dimensional media, she creates installation pieces comprising tents spanning few meters high, covered with Japanese paper and suspended in air. 

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