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EWAAC (East West Art Award Competition) 2017

Lee Yonguk ( Professor of Tokyo Polytechnic University and an author)

Lee was born in Seoul, South KOREA .

He moved to Japan in 1990, Study computer programming and Computer Animation and Film and Media Art Theory receiving an M.A. in Art Theory (NIHON Univeisity, 1999) and a Ph.D. Course finished in Visual Art and Media Studies from Nihon University (2005).
Lee has been working with computer and other media as an artist, computer animator, designer since 1993 and his art projects have been presented by, among others, The National Art Center Tokyo, The Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo), and  Tokyo base various Gallery. 

From 2003, Lee is a Professor in Imaging Arts Department at Tokyo Polytechnic University where he was teaching classes in Imaging art, 
new media Art theory, and Making of digital Cinema and Computer animation. 
In addition, Lee is an lecturer at Information Design Course in J. F. Oberlin University. 
He also teaching to Digital Animation and Media Art works.

In 2007 Lee founded The Study of Cross Media in Japan Society of Image Arts & Sciences (日本映像学会クロスメディア研究会).This Group is Several International Symposium made the plan and promoted.

Lee is the co-author of :
The Veiw Point of Art and Media ( 芸術とメディアの視座) Taiken Press, 2005, Computer and Imaging Art (コンピュータと映像芸術) ザイロス #12, The Bensei Press 2005, 
A Cinema Workshop with Digital Camera and Personal Computer ( デジタルカメラとパソコンで出来る映画ワークショップ) Film Art Press, 2006,
An interval of Arts and Imging Art ( 芸術とアートのはざま) ARTing, No.3, 2009,
A Various aspects of Art and Media (芸術とメディア諸相) (Taiken Press, 2013 、
Media Literacy and Communication(Japanese (メディア活用能力とコミュニケーション) Daigaku tosyo Press, 2016.

as well as over 25 articles which have been published. 

李 容旭 (Professor Lee Yonguk)            教授 (東京工芸大学芸術学部映像学科)  映像情報研究室 
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