Art-Link Trip Tokyo and  Kyoto

EWAL Special Package Trip to Tokyo + Kyoto
       + Exhibiting your work at FAPDA Award in Kyoto

Special trip to Japan and exhibit your work in Kyoto

It will be a dream for the foreign artists to go to Japan and exhibit their works in Kyoto while they stay. They can feel reaction of Japanese audience directly as well as get new inspiration for their future works from their new experience in Japan.  Therefore, we will arrange a special trip to Tokyo and Kyoto for artists who wish to go to Japan as well as exhibit their works at FAPDA in Kyoto. 

The package fee is extremely generous to support artists and it includes not only accommodation in Tokyo and Kyoto but also return air flight ticket from London to Japan,  bullet train fare as well as one week's exhibition fee of  FAPDA Kyoto Award. To exhibit at FAPDA cannot be bought by any money.  These package will normally cost over £3000 by any other organisers.

​In order to cost down we are offering you to use our holiday mansion in central Tokyo where you can relax like at home. it is much better than stay at expensive hotel in Tokyo as you can cook by yourself and there is a big roof garden.  In Kyoto, we will arrange a popular delax Japanese cabin room but it can be upgraded to 3/4 star hotel upon request for additional costs.

We suggest you should enter London-Kyoto FAPDA Award 2019 as well and if you win, you can fly to Kyoto from London free with All Nippon Airways and join Artist in Residence in Kyoto programme (10 days) free and we will refund all fees you paid for the special trip to Japan.  Even if you do not win, you can still go
to Tokyo and Kyoto and exhibit your work at FAPDA Kyoto Award if your application for the special trip was accepted. The selection result of FAPDA Award will be announced on 1st December 2018.

We will organize two trips to visit Tokyo - Kyoto and both plans can exhibit your work at FAPDA and enjoy artists exchange partry.  We need to separate to avoid to stay all in our holiday mansion in Tokyo at the same time as it can accommodate only four persons in one time.  You can select either Plan- A or Plan-B to suit your convenience and the itinerary can be changed or extend to stay if you tell us within 30 days after confirmation of your application.  Kyoto is the beautiful place to visit and Tokyo is good for promoting your works as there are 100's various art galleries and they are always looking for new arts and new talent.

Both plans are flexible and you can bring one guest (has to be more than 18 years) who has to pay the same fee. You can also extend your stay in Tokyo or Kyoto and the accommodation in Kyoto or flight can be upgraded upon request for additional fee. However, these change must be requested within 30 days after confirmation of the application.

Only first 4 applicants (one couple + 2 individuals)  in each plan will be given the places after  check the quality of work which applicant wish to exhibit ( can be changed later) at  FAPDA Kyoto Award so please apply  ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Plan-A is suitable for a person who has time and budget
                       and wish to explore more Kyoto.

Plan - A

Plan-B is suitable for a busy person who wish to see Kyoto
     and Tokyo quickly and promote own business in Tokyo.

Plan - B

Our holiday mansion in Tokyo

Fully furnished - Comfortable quality Japanese style

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
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  4. Managing Director

Roof garden

Relaxed Living room

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* This plan may not be accurate

< How to apply for this opportunity >

If you would like to apply for this special trip to Japan and exhibit your work , please contact : [email protected]  as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment by late apply.
Remember, only two artists and one artist + partner = total 4 can be given the places
in each trip (Plan-A, Plan-B) .

When you contact us please mention which plan (A or B) and how many people (a couple or one guest?) do you wish to apply and attach your CV and web-site address in order for us to check the quality of your works and make quick decision.  Once approved you must transfer £1000 for a deposit and after full confirmation please pay the balance to secure your place.

If you have any questions please call EWAL at : 07956522048


Mount Fuji

Famous multi Crossing

Tokyo is the better place to promote your works than Kyoto as 100's galleries are there and they are always looking for new kind of arts and talent. 

Our English speaking staff will meet you and take to our holoday mansion and will give advice where to go and what to do etc.

If you require an interpreter for your business meeting she will help at small fee.

Sleepless Tokyo : at 2:00 am in Ginza

Shibuya Fashion street

Asakusa Sensoji


Kyoto   (You ca exhibit your work here)

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Accommodation in Kyoto

Single : Popular Japanese modern private room

Double for a couple : Double + single bed + kitchen etc.

(this can be upgraded to a hotel single room for additional cost)

( We think this is better than a hotel double room which has no kitchen)