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EWAAC (East West Art Award Competition) 2017
Message from head judge

"This is a fascinating and valuable competition, which invariably surprises me with its range of exciting and sometimes innovative work. It links the UK with a country I'm very fond of; I've often visited Japan, and its traditional art and architecture have been an inspiration to me for many years. What I would particularly like to see in the competition entries in 2017 is more work which expresses a point of view, which can show us new things about the world we live in; work which is individual, thoughtful and possibly even provocative." 

Professor Emeritus Dan Fern
Royal College of Art

2D-1, 2D-2, 3D & Contemporary II categories

Professor Emeritus Dan Fern

Dan Fern began teaching at the Royal College of Art in the 1970s, and was made its first Professor of Graphic Art and Design in 1994. Having retired as Head of the School of Communications and Chair of the International Development Group at the RCA . ...read more​​​​

Johannes von Stumm

President of the Royal British Society of Sculptors (2009 – 2012), President of the Oxford Art Society, President of Open studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire
Johannes was born and studied sculpture in Munich, Germany and moved to UK to open ..., 
read more

Elizabeth Mitchell-D'Anna

Elizabeth Mitchell-D'Anna (The owner of La Galleria Pall Mall, London). Born in Italy. Currently she manages and curates two art galleries/ exhibitions spaces in St James's London. 
The galleries showcase on a weekly basis  exhibitions and auctions as well as events ..., 
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Peter Zhao

Colin Wiggins
Honorable Advisor for EWAAC

Colin Wiggins was a head judge for EWAAC London for 7 years since its launch in 2010 until 2016 when he retired from National Gallery London. He has a distinguished career working in the Department of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum and then moving to the Education Department of the National Gallery, London, where he has played a key role in the involvement of living artists in the life of the Gallery and has curated many important exhibitions there.

As a practising printmaker, he attempts in his work to bridge the gap between the artistic traditions of Europe and Japan.We much appreciate him for his continuous support for EWAAC even after retirement as an honourable advisor role.
Director and founder of Purple Roof Gallery in Shanghai, China.
Peter Zhao graduated from The University of Western Ontario,Canada with over ten’s years management experience in global top 500 corporations. Thus he fuses the different mindsets of eastern and western cultures. ..., read more

Rosie Leventon

Rosie Leventon is an award winning Installation and land artist. She makes Sculptural Installations Land Art and drawings. She makes interventions into the fabric of a building such as floating floors and corridors, as well as sculpture using glass, recycled copper or paperback books  ...,   read more

Chiho Aoshima

The beauty and delicate eroticism of Chiho Aoshima's distinctly Japanese world have earned her considerable acclaim from galleries and forward thinking museum curators worldwide. Her work is printable on any surface, including paper and plastic. ..., read more

Joanna Ciechanowska

Joanna Ciechanowska is a painter, graphic artist and designer based in London.  She received Jury Award in the International Biennale of Painting in Poland. She is currently a Director of POSK Gallery in Polish Social and Cultural Association in London ..., read more

Misako Jin

Award winning Japanese Painter. She has won numerous prizes at art competitions. The materials she uses include Japanese paper, animal glue, ink, mineral pigments, and metal foils. While her techniques are in the traditional Japanese style, her expression is contemporary.., read more

Miwa Komatsu

Miwa Komatsu is one of Japan’s most promising young contemporary artist. In 2014, she held her solo exhibition at Saihodo Gallery, Tokyo where she sold out all of her works on display and at the newly built Ueda City Art Museum, marking over 10,000 visitors ...,   read more

Photography, Digital photography category

Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman is an internationally renowned photographer and author, who has produced more than 140 books, many of them on the practice of photography. Following an M.A. in Geography from Oxford, and several years in advertising, he...read more​​​​

Mineko Orisaku

Trained under Shoji Otake, a prominent figure in Japanese photography, Mineko Orisaku has successively won prizes in the photographic division of the National Nika Exhibition in 1985 and 1986. She became independent in 1987. She has been capturing some beautiful landscapes...read more

Harry Johnson 

Harry Johnson is a professional photographer based in the heart of the Cumbrian Lake District, UK. Whilst landscape photography is the main passion behind his need to pick up a camera and capture images, studio based...read more

Amélie Labourdette

Amélie Labourdette obtained her degree in Fine Art from the National Fine Art School of Nantes (Les Beaux-Arts) in France.  Recipient of numerous research and production grants, her work has been shown in several exhibitions in France and abroad (United Kingdom, China, Georgia...read more

Kaoru Shibahara

Photographer KAO’RU shibahara was born in Nagoya JAPAN, his photographer’s carrier has started form NYC, U.S. A 1990~1999.After, he moved to Japan, working Freelance photographer in Tokyo. He has working commercial photographer especially.. .read more

Kilian Schönberger

Kilian Schönberger is a professional landscape photographer & geographer from Germany. He lives in Cologne but works mainly throughout Central Europe. His photographic work concerns the whole range of topics from natural landscapes to cityscapes. Remote rural areas are...read more

Grey Chow

Grey Chow, is an award-winning landscape photographer that based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Passion in Nature Landscape and Astronomy photography and his work has published on several medias including...read more

Short Film, Animation category

Professor Marty St. James

Marty St. James believes that all artists’ work is fundamentally portraiture, and ineffect an expression of “the vision of how a person sees himself in the world.”  To St. James, a portrait may be a person’s likeness, equally a portrait (if a portrait is a visual marker for someone’s identity) may be ... read more​​​​

Professor Emeritus Dan Fern

Dan Fern is an award-winning graphic and multimedia artist as well as being an influential teacher. As a video artist working collaboratively with musicians, his work has been performed at the Bath International Music Festival, South
Bank Centre and the Hamburg Philharmonie . ... read more​​​​

Professor Yonguk, LEE 

Lee is a Professor in Imaging Arts Department at Tokyo Polytechnic University where he was teaching classes in Imaging art,  new media Art theory, and Making of digital Cinema and Computer animation. He was born in Seoul, South KOREA....read more

Tsukasa Kishimoto

In recent years he has moved his base to Tokyo focusing on more VJ events. While playing as a VJ for parties at many clubs, he creates various kinds of video ads and animation videos with his speciality in VJ techniques. In 2017 he participated in EDC Japan ... read more

Kathy Rose 

Kathy Rose is a Master Lecturer at The University of the Arts in USA in the Media Arts Department where she teaches Image and Performance for students from all departments; sculpture, film, theater, photo, video, fiber arts, illustration, etc.  and produces  .. . read more​​​​

Aaron Paradox 

As artists, we look at ourself in astonishment. Aaron Paradox is one of us.  Amazed by the complexity and mysterious nature of this very moment. It's paradox of beauty and horror interwind in the endless cycle. Born in Poland, known as a creator of short film Kensho, he enjoys ...read more​​​​

Tracey McMaster

McMaster studied Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University and Musashino Art University where her practice developed into producing short moving image portraits of individuals in her community. McMaster then co-founded Backlit, an experimental gallery and studio s....read more​​​​
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