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There are three types of membership depending on your status.
All our events (except EWAAC London and APDA Kyoto AWard) will be
organised for our membrs only so please join us now
​if you wish to apply for all our events.

Artist  Membership

Art Collector  Membership

Premium Membership

Art Collector

Only artists who were selected for
finalists of EWAAC London or APDA
Kyoto Award or recommended by EWAL
​selection committee.

Benefits (会員の特典)

1) You will receive our newsletter, events news, special offers etc. regularly.
You will be invited to all PV of our events.

2) You can enter up to three works free to EWAAC London competition.

3) You can enter up to three works free to APDA Kyoto Award competition and have a chance to go to Kyoto free.

4) You can enter Premium members' only exhibition and

5)  You can apply for DUO exhibition in London at any week in a year (if not booked already by other artist) 

6) You can participate in our Christmas Art Sale in Chelsea. We will send out 5000 flyers to rich residential area in Chelsea London before the sale starts. 

7) Members can register works on EWASR (East West Art Sales & Rental ) service which will be shown online to our  corporate clients every three months.

8) You can book and stay at our holiday mansion in Tokyo with your spouse or one guest at member's special discount price for up to two weeks at any time of the year (if not already booked the same weeks by other member).

9) Pemium members can enter EWAAC or FAPDA competition even after entry is closed (5 - 7 days? .. depend on timetable).

10 ) Our design team will produce your Profile Page (Basic) free and link to each of your entry works of EWAAC or APDA. Also we will link to each registered work of EWASR for buyers.

+ Some more benefits

We will mainly  support Premium members from 2019.

We will mainly support corporate members from 2019.

EWAAC Art Award London

EWAAC Finalists' Exhibition in London

APDA Kyoto Award, Japan

Artist in Residence in Kyoto

East West Duo Exhibition

EWAEE Kyoto Exhibition

Members' Art Sales & Rental programme

Premium Members' only Exhibition

Christmas art sale in Chelsea

Artist in Residence in UK in Summer

Holiday mansion in Tokyo for members

Winners' Videos for World Tour

1 year : 60 GBP

Member's Bilingual Profile Page Samples

If you become our member, our design team will produce your Profile Page for you.

Japanese -> English

English -> Japanese

French ->English

Images from our Events and members 

Our members can enjoy various events that we organize. 
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