EWAL Newsletter 2018-2

Forthcoming events and entry deadlinething 

Title: APDA Kyoto Award 2018
Event Date: 8 - 12 April, 2018
Venue: Gallery Be Kyoto, Japan
Entry deadline: 11 February 2018
​Details : see below
Title:  Duo Exhibition in London
Event Date: 24 Feb - 2 March, 2018
Venue: POSK Gallery London
Entry deadline: Closed
​Details : see below

Title: Art rental for registration
Rental promotion : March- May
Registration deadline : 20 Mar 2018
​Details : see below

Title: EWAEE in Shanghai, China
Event Date: 10-14 July, 2018
Venue: Purple Roof gallery, China
Entry deadline: 30 March 2018
​Details : see below

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The 2nd APDA Kyoto Award

Any artists in the world can enter this art competition which
will be held at the historic city, Kyoto in Japan.
  • How to enter : you can only send images and details of your entry works.
  • We look for only photos and digital arts from overseas artists unless they can bring the work to the gallery in Kyoto because the shipping costs and tax etc.
  • However, if you can produce a high quality copy print from original painting or collage etc. then you can enter as fine art print with edition number.
  • Entry deadline: 11th February 2018  (Sunday midnight GMT)
  • If selected (for overseas artists) you can onlt send high quality image to us as our team in Kyoto will print out and put frame for you for small costs so no need to ship and save costs.
  • Members (Premium / EWAL Artist) can enter free up to three works)
More details and entry form
Duo Exhibition (East meets West in London)

Basically 1 artist from Japan and 1 artist from UK will have joint exhibition in London. However, 1 artist from East (China, South Korea etc) and 1 artist from West (Europe, USA etc) can also be possible if our criteria met.
  • This time, Asayo Kawase (digital artist) from Japan and Alexandra Harley (sculptor) from UK will have Duo Exhibition at POSK gallery in London..
  • Exhibition will open from 26 February - 2nd March. You are welcome to their Private View on 26th February (6:30 - 9:00 pm) .
  • If you are our member, you can apply for anytime in the year if the space is available and we can find your Duo partner. You can share the gallery costs with the Duo partner and we can also support so you can pay very affordable fees.
  • Only our members (Premium / EWAL Artist) can apply.
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Art Rental ( also sell original or duplicated work) Service.

Main purpose is to sell original art work to our clients (not only individual art collector but companies, restaurants, hotels etc in Japan and UK) but for rental to start will increase possibility to sell original (or duplicated) work) as they will see actual work for rental.
  • Very cleverly set up structure and we will select and show 30 candidates from our artists for rental to our clients every three months.
  • Clients can choose options (perchase / rental / buy duplicated work) at first.
  • Clients can see other works if they cannot find any favourites from the 30 candidates. We can also search and find suitable candidates upon request.
  • Our artist members can register their suitable works for the 30 candidated works that we select every 3 months but majolity of the registerd works can be seen by our clients by just pressing button of 'more candidates'. 
  • We will link to artist's bilingual Profile Page from each candidated works so our clients will see the artist's back ground and other works as well and may buy from them.
  • This service can be used by only our artist members who has their Profile Page.
More details and entry form
EWAEE (East West Artists Exchange Exhibition) in Shanghai

In addition to one of EWAAC's prize 'Purple Roof Gallery Prize' which the winner can stay and exhibit free in Shanghai, we will send more artists to exhibit and support the EWAEE in Shanghai. In order to maintain the standard of our artists and works, only Premium members and selected EWAL Artist members can apply. We also give priority to artist who can actually go to Shanghai with the work and bring back if niot sold.
Entry deadline is : 30 March 2018

​If you wish to visit Shanghai with your work, following schedule will be suitable.
  • July 7(Sat) or 8(Sun) ...Arrive Shanghai with works
  • July 9 (Mon) .....Hanging works and Preparation at the gallery.
  • July 10 (Tue) ... Opening and Artists Exchange party ...6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  • July 11 (Wed) - 14(Sat) ...Exhibition and artists can travel around in  Shanghai.
  • July 14 (Sat) ....exhibition close evening and artists will collect their works if not sold.
  • July 15 (Sun) ...Artists will fly back to their country with their works.
  • Only Premium members and selected EWAL artist members can apply.
More details and entry form
Artist in Residence in Kyoto 2019

To receive application for 2019 will start very soon
We will select all regidents one year ahead in order for them to have enough time to prepare before visit Kyoto.

Remember, only our members can apply for this privilege so please join us now as there are many more member's benefits. See details below..
Previous AIR in Kyoto Report
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