Premier Art Exhibition at Premier Venue in London

Premier Art Exhibition London
             at La Galleria Pall Mall

October 29 - November 2, 2019

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* Invitation entry only

What is special Invitation Entry for Premier Art Exhibition London?  

  • The purpose of the Special Invitation Entry is because we will organize final EWAAC at  La Galleria in 2019 so we wish to cereblate and organize special exhibition with many of our ex- finalists of EWAAC. However, if we organize competition some of ex-finalists may not be selected because it depend on judges' selection results.

  • Therefore,  from this exhibition we would like to change from total competition style to exhibition style and artists can decide to exhibit by paying the fixed fee. However, please let our selection committee to check the exhibit before decide in order to make sure the work is suitable for the exhibition. We would like to maintain high standard of the quality of the exhibition.
  • We have still judges to decide grand prize and other winners from the exhibits. We will add new prize from this year, 'Reviewer's prize' which our appointed special reviewers will select their favouirite works and give their review why they selected that particular works which will encourage the exhibitors. We do not want people's choice.

​Accceptance and exhibition fees

  • If you are selected finalists of past EWAAC and artists who were selected by our  selection committee are eligible to accept our special invitation entry. (Please note the selection committee is difference from our judges)

  • If your are current active Premium member you can also accept this invitation for no extra free. But if the expiry date is before 3rd November 2019 (closing date of Premium Art Award Exhibitiion) please renew as you will be able to accept our invitation entry and no need to pay the fee to exhibit at La Galleria.

  • Invitation acceptance and exhibition fee is £150 (GBP) per person per slot but if you have received our Special Invitatiion Entry from our staff then you can accept to exhibit at La Galleria for the special fee (£95) if your candidate exhibit work was apprved by our selection committee.
  • Please remember Premium Membership is included in the exhibition fee (£150) and no need to apply membership from now on.

  • Apart from artists who were invited for Special Invitation Entry, we will still call for artists by competition in order to search new fresh talented artists so it will be a good mixture.

  • We understand 150 GBP will be hard for some artists so we will allow these artists to pay by two installments ( £80 at first and £80 in the following month. £10 is administaration fee) and we hope it will help.

Acceptance form for this year's
 Special Invitation Entry

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       Privileges for artist who accepted Special Invitation Entry
  • You can exhibit one of selected works at Premium Art Award London 2019 which will be held at La Galleria in London in October, 2019. You do not need to go through competition process.

  • You will be given our Premium Membership card for 1 year and enjoy many of member’s benefits.

  • Your Profile Page will be produced by our design team and can be used for future promotion.
  • we will sell your works at our online Art Sales & Rental Services as well as at our Christmas Art Sale at our showroom in Chelsea.

Premium member's privileges

Artist in Residence in Kyoto

EWAEE Kyoto Exhibition

Members' Art Sale & Rental Services

East West Duo Exhibition

Art sale at our Showroom in Chelsea

Winners' Videos for World Tour

Holiday mansion in Tokyo for members

Member's Profile Page 

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