EWAL presents Premier Art Exhibition London

Premier Art Exhibition London
             at La Galleria Pall Mall

October 29 - November 2, 2019

Wait for our invitation
             for entry

or please contact us

* Invitation entry only

How we select works for the exhibition?  

  • This is not open competition so our selection committee will search good artists worldwide and then invite them to enter. The artists do not need to accpet our invitation but if interested please submit acceptance form and images of candidate works for the exhibition. If the artists will exhibit the work which we selected we will guarantee the place to exhibit at La Galleria if pay the fee. If the works we selected are not available the artists can submit similar or own recommended candidate works but our selection committee must approve the work in that case.  However, our selection committee will normally give answer within the next three days.

  • Our premium members are finalists of the past EWAAC or previous exhibitors of Premier Art Exhibition and we know their ability so we will give them with first opportunity to exhibit at next Premier Art Exhibition but no need to accept of course as we will start to search and invite new artists for the exhibition.   Artists can exhibit at our Premier Art Exhibition London only by our selection committee's invitation for entry and approval.

  • The invited artist can decide which size of the work and the fee to exhibit. It will be depend on size so the artists can choose the size depend on available work and budget ( see below).  We may also accept by two installment payment for works for main wall if it is difficult to pay in one time.

Size of exhibit (including frame) and the fees to exhibit at La Galleria.
You can exhibit at La Galleria if your work ia approved by our selection committee and just pay the fee below. No competition but the places are limited so we will close
​entries when all spaces are filled.
3D on plinth
various plince size
150 GBP
For 2D work  (paintings, photography, digital arts etc.)
40 x 50 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
105 GBP
*our print + frame service available
8 works only
3D free stand
(up to 100 cm high)
190 GBP

50 x 50 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
120 GBP
*our print + frame service available
3 works only
50 x 70 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
150 GBP
*our print + frame service available
3D suspended
(No heavy materials)
190 GBP

70 x 50 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
170 GBP
*our print + frame service available
2 works only
60 x 80 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
180 GBP
*our print + frame service available
80 x 60 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
195 GBP
*our print + frame service available
(a group of small items)
100 GBP for 1 shelf

or 200 GBP
for a whole case
* the cace can be locked

30 x 100 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
200 GBP
*our print + frame service available
2 glass cases available
100 x 30 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
230 GBP
*our print + frame service available
2 works only
What is Print & Frame Service ?
Main wall location
80 x 100 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
200 GBP
*our canvas receive service available
5 works only
100 x 80 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
230 GBP
*our canvas receive service available
3 works only
2 works only
100 x 100 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
280 GBP
*our canvas receive service available
Acceptance form for this year's
 Special Invitation Entry
What is canvas receive service ?

Click above button and download the form

If you ship large work from abroad it will be very expensive and also will be taxed (20%) at customs.

So we recommend to send canvas and frame separately. Remove canvas from frame  and roll it and put it in a tube and ship to our studio in UK. We can keep it and bring to the gallery for you. You can reassemble at the gallery..
100 x 120 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
295 GBP
*our canvas receive service available
2 works only
1 work only
120 x 100 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
320 GBP
*our canvas receive service available
1 work only
​Largest exhibit
120 x 150 cm or similar size
(with / without frame) 
380 GBP
*our canvas receive service available
Invitation Acceptance Form and details of your
candidate works for the exhibition

Click and download the form

Procedure for our Invitation Entry

Our selection committee search
artists and invite
to exhibit at La Galleria for our Premier Art Exhibition London.
Artists decide whether accept our invitation and if accept just reply and attach images and details of candidate works.
If our selection committee approve the work for the exhibition please pay the fee as we will send a voucher to exhibit.
Wait till October or continue to produce your new work which should be get approval from our selection committee again.
Bring the work to the gallery at specified date and time or ship to our studio or use our print & Frame service. It's easy.

How we exhibit your work at La Galleria

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
  9. Managing Director
  10. Managing Director
  11. Managing Director
  12. Managing Director
  13. Managing Director
  14. Managing Director
  15. Managing Director

How to ship or bring your selected work to the gallery ?

                          Easy way and save shipping costs.
  • You can bring works to the gallery by yourself at 11:00 am on Sunday, 27th October. You must also come to collect your work on Saturday, 2nd November (12:00-3:00 pm)

  • If you live overseas, you can ship the work to our studio in UK as we can receive and bring them to the gallery on 27th October. However, shipping costs and if taxed at customs is your responsibility.

  • If your work is prints, photographs or digital arts you can use our 'Print & Frame Service'. If you use this service you can only send high quality image of your work and our team will do the rest for you (to print professionally and put good frame and bring to the gallery). After the exhibition closed, we will send a print in a tube to your address by normal post which you can save lots of money for shipping return.

  • ​If your work is large canvas work, you can use our 'Canvas Receive Service' which you can save shipping cost and avoid being damaged while shipping or taxed at customs.  All you have to do is to remove canvas from wooden frame and roll it and ship to us with separate large tubes. In this way you can claim the value of contents cheaper and customs will not chage tax (we cannot guarantee but even so you can pay very little for claimed value).  Wooden frame has no problem to ship and you can claim its value as just £25 . Only artist must do is to come to the gallery and refix the canvas on the frame. You can buy frame in UK but the size are slightly different so please send the same frame as you can refix them quickly at the gallery.
  • We will sell your works at the gallery as well as at our online Art Sales & Rental Services and also at our Christmas Art Sale at our showroom in Chelsea if you would like us to keep your works instead send it back immediately.
If you have any questions please contact : [email protected]

premium member's benefits

Guarantee for place to exhibit at  the next Premier Art Exhibition London

Can sell works at our Art Sale & Rental Services online to our corporate clients.

Can apply for our EWAEE Kyoto Exhibition which will be held in May.

Can apply for our East West Duo Exhibition or solo exhibition in London

Can sell works at Art sale in Chritmas at
our Showroom in King's Road in Chelsea

All non-Japanese members can stay at
our holiday mansion in Tokyo at any time.

Members' regular meetings

  • February (London) - Duo PB
  • April (London) - Duo PB
  • May (Kyoto) - FAPDA
  • June (London) - Duo PB
  • August (London) - EWAEE UK
  • October (London) Premier Open
  • December (London) - Christmas

Member's Bilingual Profile Page 

We will produce member's profile page and sell their works to our corporate clients.

Japanese -> English

English -> Japanese

French ->English