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Join EWALC now by recommendation !!

We would like you to join us.

It's now or never ...This will be the great opportunity to join EWALC (East West Art Link Club) .
EWALC is the group of selected artists from all over the world through EWAAC. Another words they are winners and  finalists of EWAAC in the past so they were selected artists from 1000's entries by our judges.
However, we find so many good artists were not selected by judges and perhaps we will lose them for ever.  So we would like to make our special offer to such artists to join us by recommendation.  EWALC is a group of selected high quality artists and we will organize events, invite to Kyoto and help to sell works for them. Apart from the finalists of EWAAC, great artists with proven track record will also be able to become a premium member if our selection committee approve and you are one of them. 

Your entry work was not selected for EWAAC 2017 but after we checked your web-site we like your works and we should recommend you to become our premium member if you accept it.

Normally, EWAL Artist member has to enter EWAAC and to be selected for the finalists if they wish to become our Premium member but you can apply for it as we will recommend you to our selection committee if you accept. So you can pay only £60 for annual Premium membership fee instead of £75 for EWAL Artist membership fee.  Also if you join now you can apply for many nice events listed below but hurry!.
This special offer is only for this time and will not be offered again i

What are the benefits to becoming a Premium member?
If you join us now
  • You can still enter London-Kyoto FAPDA  Award 2019 free up to 3 works if you apply by 12th November and still possible to go to Kyoto free if you win. Time is tight but you can just send images of entry works with details will be OK as the exhibition will be held in May 2019.

  • You can still apply and exhibit your work at Christmas Art Sale at our showroom in Chelsea but must apply by 18th November. You can exhibit and sell a print of your original 2D work if you cannot bring work to the venue in December.

  • ​You can register your works with EWASR and sell or rent your work to our corporate clients in Tokyo and London.  But your profile page must be ready by 20th December in order to issue on 1st January 2019 and we will renue the candidate list every three months thereafter.  So if you join us now and submit all required information to produce your profilepage as soon as you can then our design team will do their best to be ready for the 1st January issue.

  • You can apply 3 works free for EWAAC London 2019 which will be held at La Galleria for the last time because the new development in that area and the building will be demolished in 2020.  Call for entries will start on 1st March and entry deadline is 30 June 2019. The finalists' exhibition will be held from 21 - 26 October, 2019. It will be the largest and emortional finalists' exhibition which will be held at La Galleria so please join us and enjoy the final occasion. For EWAAC 2020 we are planning to connect with Tokyo Olympic 2020.

  • On top of the above our mebers can enjoy many more member's benefits. Click a button below to see more details of benefits of the membership. As soon as you applid for the membership our design team will produce your Profile Page which will be useful when you enter our competition or events to show it to our selectors and also important to sell or rent your work to our corporate clients in Tokyo and London at  EWASR every 3 months
This new deadline is only for our Premium members.
Click images left to see details and apply
without delay.
we will distribute 5000 flyers in the rich residents area  in Chelsea. You can exhibit and sell prints of your original work will also be an option.
This new service will be targetted to our corporate clients, comapnies, restaurants, mcoffee shops, hotels, clinics, Interior fitting out companies etc in Tokyo and London and you can sell or rent your works easily throuh EWASR.
This will be the last finalists' exhibition of EWAAC to be held at La Galleria so it will be the largest and emortional exhibition to cerebrate for the final occasion.
​Please join us.
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How to apply for your Premium M.ship (by recommendation)  

  1. Managing Director
Apply for your Pemium M.ship here !

See a guide right before filling   the form for the special offer.
​It's easy if follow the guide.

It's now or never !  Please join us now as we will not recommend again.​​

For any questions ?  .... ask  [email protected]