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Artlink Trip Japan

Holliday mansion in Tokyo, Japan for our members.

  • Our non-Japanese members can book and stay at our holiday flat in Tokyo at anytime in a year for up to two weeks for special member's discount fee (the fee will be changed depend on season). In Tokyo, normally, single room at hotel will cost at least £80-£100 per person per night so our members can save lots of money.
  • The member can take and stay with one guest ( total two). However, the guest's age must be older than 18 years old.
  • If a member wish to go to Kyoto or other places in Japan while stay in Tokyo we can help to arrange excursion and book hotels etc.
  • Please book early to avoid disappointment if some other members book same dates earlier.
  • All you have to do is to send email and write your name, membership number and 1 guest's name and relationship such as husband, sister, friend etc and send to

Plan-1: Stay in Tokyo for up to 2 weeks

   to Tokyo

Famous multi Crossing

Sleepless in Tokyo even 3:00 am

Shibuya Fashion street

Our holiday flat in Tokyo for you !

Special member's disciount rent

  • Enjoy stay our holiday flat in Tokyo!  it's buautiful furnished flat.
  • The flat has two bed rooms, one Tatami room, Living room, kitchen, bath / toilet and large Roof garden.
  • Only 20 minutes from central Tokyo (Ikebukuro).
  • Only for our members (Premium, Art Link and Art Collector) can book and stay.
  • Another person (with your relative or artist friend) can also stay.
  • Up to two weeks at any time in a year (if not booked by others)
  • You need to pay for small cleaning fee per person.
  • You can go anywhere in Japan based in this flat in Tokyo.

Asakusa Sensoji

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  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director

Tokyo big sandal

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Roof garden

Japanese style

Relaxed Living room

Plan-2: Plan-1 + Kyoto

  • If you wish to go to Kyoto after stay in Tokyo, we can arrange.
  • Kyoto has not many hotels and always fully booked and very expensive so we can find a cheap pacage with the famous bullet train and a hotel according to your budget​.
  • You can book now before other members book the same dates. Popular months will be quickly fully booked.

Mount Fuji

Bullet train

Kyoto, Golden Pavilion